Charting Engine

Learn how to leverage the Paradigm Charting Engine to visualize complex data

The Paradigm API charting engine can visualize any data that we serve through our API. It was designed to handle complex data structures, object models and visualization types. Users can also access the specific data behind any given chart or widget that is publicly deployed directly through the API or in CryptoSheets (both Excel add-in and GoogleSheets version).

Quickly search all of our public charts using the API Explorer


Find relevant charts for each endpoint (using the data from that endpoint) in the console examples tab


Use the widget quick guide as a reference for using charts and widgets

Chart Data

For users with access, call the data for any chart or widget directly by using the uniconsole /q? endpoint

Example API call:[APIKEY]&e=widget&m=tether API console:

For users with accounts (basic accounts are free*) you can pull chart data directly into your spreadsheet using the /q? endpoint at the bottom of the API in the add-in side panel


All Paradigm charts and widgets can be embedded in external web pages, apps, news articles, research and more using simple iframes.

<iframe src=""></iframe>

<iframe src=""></iframe>

<iframe src=""></iframe>

<iframe src=""></iframe>

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Simple attribution is required for free accounts.


White-labeling for any chart, type or style including custom data is available on demand, please contact us directly.